Our farm is located in Nono, 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) to the west of Quito, in the foothills of Mount Pichincha. San Martin offers a diverse range of adventure tourism activities as well as other countryside entertainment choices in a cozy family atmosphere. San Martin has a long dairy production tradition and is also dedicated to the raising of livestock. These two activities have been its owners' main sources of income.

A few years ago, for the very first time, we opened our doors to tourism. A Belgian couple, who were in search of adventure as well as experiencing more closely the local traditions and daily life in this beautiful area, were the first ones to experience our services. From then on, many foreign visitors have witnessed the warmth and hospitality of Hacienda San Martin.

On the farm, all activities are outdoors and the owners take care of food and lodging, which guarantees a personalized service in a warm, familial environment, and a tasty touch of tradition.

Everyone is welcome!




After a day's journey filled with exciting and adventurous activities, there is nothing more deserved than resting comfortably; for this purpose, we have completely independent cabins with a spectacular view of the valley. It has all the necessary services, such as a private bathroom with hot water, a bath tub and other amenities. This is a facility designed principally for tourists looking for privacy in a homey ambience. We are the best choice for lodging and adventure tourism just a few miles away from Quito. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!







Our meals are made with family recipes. La Mama is our lovely chef !

We serve traditional breakfast with homemade bread and ham, pure and fresh milk and fruits.

Garden areas


The farm itself is a big open garden with a lot of green areas to discover, where you can walk or just sit to take a coffee and enjoy nature and watch the hummingbirds fly around.

Free Wifi


The dinning room is the best free Wi-Fi access point so you can enjoy the rest of the farm.  



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Horse Riding

We offer noble equine specimens that are very acquainted with the location. The rides are 2 to 4 hours long, depending on the level of skill and preference of our guests.

Bird Watching


The valley of Nono provides us with the opportunity to take various roads with gorgeous landscapes all to admire the beauty where hummingbirds and other bird species can be easily observed. 



Hacienda San Martín has many roads and paths that provide relaxing hiking. The hikes and walks are designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy and participate in them without any difficulty.

Bike riding

We will tour around Nono and the slopes of Pichincha by bicycle, traveling on dirt country roads that are home to a great variety of wildlife. This is all thanks to the area’s geographic location, which makes it possible to enjoy different kinds of weather and breathtaking landscapes.

Cow Milking

Is the main activity in the farm, where you can have the opportunity to experience by yourself
the traditional milking process and feel connected with the dairy farming life.


"Muy bonita propiedad, preciosa vista del valle interandino, comida deliciosa, muchas actividades en naturaleza incluyendo algunas de hacienda campestre como caminatas, bicicletas, caballos, ordeño, observación de aves, etc. Los dueños están a cargo del servicio y son excelentes anfitriones. Perfecto para escapar el fin de semana, esta amenos de una hora de Quito con un camino en su mayoría asfaltado. Totalmente recomendable"

Santiago Granda